Report on Networking – Multiply workshops and conferences

After the successful finalization of the first round of Training Courses within Mobility Activities within the project ˝Networks for Youth – Brighter Partners for Brighter Future˝, four Networking and Multiply activities were organized in 4 different cities in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Balkan Development Centre and project partners, the Municipality of Kursumlija, Citizens Initiative for the Future from Bosilegrad, Serbia and the Municipality of Visegrad from Bosnia and Herzegovina organized Networking and Multiply workshops and conferences in order to multiply the project impact in Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

This activity was conducted in Kraljevo, Kursumlija and Bosilegrad in Serbia and in Visegrad in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The activity lasted for four days in each city.

The first two days focused on learning topics from the first round of Training Courses which were summarized and further elaborated into project ideas relevant for the local level. The gatherings were also used to further develop and design project ideas identified during the Training Courses, defining relevant partners, possible donors and calls for the project ideas.

The remaining two days were used for field work for networking to meet with relevant stakeholders at the local level: other civil society organizations, representatives of the local institutions and organizations working with youth and interested individuals. Participants had the opportunity to learn about experiences from the Training Courses directly from participants and to jointly identify potential collaboration topics and ideas and to discuss possibilities of applying learned experiences at the local level and in their everyday work with youth.

Representatives from project partner organizations participated in the activities in order to provide additional support and experience exchange.

The Networking – Multiply activities were held planned in:

Kraljevo:  06 – 09.06.2019

Kursumlija: 10 – 13.06.2019

Bosilegrad:  17 – 20.06.2019

Visegrad: 04 -07.07.2019

All additional information can be obtained directly from the project leader, Balkan Development Center: