The project Networks for Youth – Brıghter Partners for Brıghter Future is transnational collaborative project aimed at improving the capacity of Western Window countries such as Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina to collaborate and interact with EU partner organisations so as to research, implement and transfer innovative approaches, best practices and strategies for the benefit of youth.

The project partners are experienced civil society organisations and local bodies – municipalities from both EU and Western window countries which join their efforts to increase the collaboration among themselves as well as with external stakeholders for youth from the participating countries.

The project is a set of virtual networking and collaboration, on-line management combined with training courses, conferences, large scale events and mobility for youth organisations and stakeholders active in the field of youth. All events are transnational. The events are open to youth SCOs managers, decision makers and project managers from each partner and external SCOs. In addition to them forums, seminars, round tables and large scale events will promote the project activities, and the outputs – handbooks, training manuals, training curriculums, and youth projects designed.

Project objectives

The main objective of the project is to increase the capacity of youth workers from both the Western window and EU countries to manage, fundraise and promote projects in the field of youth.

The specific project objectives are to provide field and practically oriented training, and networking activities so as to increase the capacity of all participating and more than 50 external stakeholders and organisations to interact for the benefit of youth.

The project is co-funded by Erasmus + programme under the Call EAC-A05-2017 “Capacity Building in the field of Youth – Western Balkan Window”.

For more information about the specific project activities in your country please visit the section: Activities

The contact details of the project teams you may find in the section: Contacts and Partners

More information about the project outputs: pictures, handbooks, agendas and education resources you will find in section: Documents

Our team is dedicated to provide high quality field and virtual training for youth workers and CSOs from the project countries and you are always welcome to join the project events. The selection criteria for participation will be announced for any event from the project partners on the project webpage or you can contact us anytime to get desired information and to be guided and included in the project events.