After two years of implementation the Erasmus + funded project ˝Network for Youth – Brighter partners for brighter future˝ has come to an end.

During the two years, we have conducted 8 mobility transnational training courses and numerous capacity building activities for youth workers from Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Hungary and Greece. Throughout the project we have learned so much together and along the way had a great time, created new friendships, defined new project ideas, learned from more experienced partners and gained insight into new working methods, learned to adjust to the trying times related to the COVID 19 situation and successfully implemented all foreseen activities. In the video material available we have tried to transfer to you the atmosphere from the numerous activities conducted during this two year journey we have jointly made.

All participants would like to thank the Erasmus + programme for giving us to opportunity to come together, learn from one another and to enable us to continue working together in the future all in the aim to improve the work and lives of youth, youth workers, civil society organizations, other stakeholders and our communities in general.

THANK YOU ERASMUS + it has been an honour!!!

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