Report from 6th TC Plovdiv, Bulgaria
After months of delays due to the COVID – 19 situation, the 6th Training Course within the project
“Networks for Youth – Brighter Partners for Brighter Future”, implemented within the “Capacity
Building in the field of Youth – Western Balkan Window”, Erasmus+ Programme, was finally
conducted in Plovdiv, Bulgaria, from 05 th – 09 th August, 2020.
15 Youth workers participated at the trainings, representatives were from Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary
and Bosnia and Herzegovina from the Project partners organizations: Balkan Development Center
(SRB), Citizens Initaitive for the Futrue-CIF (SRB), Municipality of Kuršumlija (SRB), Innovaform
(HUN), Municipality of Elin Pelin (BUG) and the host organization, National Association of the People
with Acquired Disabilities –NAPHU (BUG).
Training topics were:
 Overview of virtual support provided through the project
 External and internal evaluation of virtual coaching
 Presentation of projects elaborated through support received in the project,
The Training was hotel “Ciipite˝ in Plovdiv, Bulgaria.
The training course was an opportunity for participants from partner organizations to continue with
trainings and capacity building activities in order to strengthen their organizations and strengthening
new contacts, contribute to improving the work of grassroot organizations in working with youth
and increasing their involvement in the local community.
The continuity of participants in the training courses within the project has lead to very efficient
work, good team work, and wonderful ideas for collaboration and for further youth involvement in
future projects.

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